Polar Release New Single “Glass Cutter”

The band Polar has been catching a lot of people’s attention within the past year or so big time. Their name has been getting thrown around a lot lately, and I am so glad I heard of these guys. There is very few bands that I immediately get all of their music as soon as I hear them, this just happened to be one of them. They do not have a ton of material; they have two EP’s, “This Polar Noise” and recently released “Inspire Create Destroy” and one full length album, “Iron Lungs”. Yesterday they released their new song “Glass Cutter” which is the first single off of their second full length album coming early 2014. “Glass Cutter” sounds like it is a bit of a different sound for them, but in all honesty it still has the real catchy beats and rhythm that got me to listen to them in the first place. They have already brought their game up to the next level in such a short amount of time, so this new album may just be their best work so far. Sadly we have a little while to wait as they finish it up.

Watch the new music video “Glass Cutter” by Polar right here:

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