The Acacia Strain Debut New Song “Above”

Only a couple of months ago, The Acacia Strain announced that they were losing their original guitarist (Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz), but had two new guys (Devin Shidaker and Richard Gomez) filling in, who were a huge addition to the band by adding some big time ideas and a solid structure that the band even said was needed. Now, since their lineup change, we can finally listen to the future of The Acacia Strain. Yesterday, the band released a new song called “Above” and to quickly sum it all up, it’s a headbanging song. “Above” doesn’t waste anytime whatsoever, it jumps right into it and just never ends with the pure heaviness that The Acacia Strain has never failed to deliver. The band has never really held back when it comes to huge breakdowns and chugging on their instruments, and this song is a prime example. It has everything you could possibly want in one of their songs; the really fast double bass all the way to the slow grungy heavy metal. This song has been extremely excited to hear what else they have coming our way, hopefully sooner than we think.

Check the new song “Above” out right here:

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