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Architects Bring Doomsday to Mr. Smalls

Pittsburgh has already begun its concert season it seems with a wide variety of bands already heading in our direction, and one of the first shows for metalcore/hardcore fans was on the lovely Valentine’s Day this time around.  Needless to say the bands received a lot of love […]

Wage War at SOLD OUT Stage AE Show

Joining  A Day to Remember for their seventh sold out show at Stage AE was the notorious Wage War who just so happened to be the opening act for the night.  Most times with opening acts, no one is particularly paying attention or really even cares because they’re […]

Veil of Maya Release False Idol

Following their hit “Matriarch” album, Veil of Maya have finally released some fresh work with their latest album, “False Idol,” which dropped today.  This will be Veil of Maya’s second album with their latest singer, Lukas Magyar, adding in clean vocals once again which was a very controversial […]