Veil of Maya Release False Idol

Following their hit “Matriarch” album, Veil of Maya have finally released some fresh work with their latest album, “False Idol,” which dropped today.  This will be Veil of Maya’s second album with their latest singer, Lukas Magyar, adding in clean vocals once again which was a very controversial topic on the album prior.  On “Matriarch,” the vocals were a nice step up from previous albums leading up to their latest releases.  With “False Idol,” curiosity was probably the best way to describe prior emotions for when the album was announced due to the new direction they were taking.


From the first two singles released (Doublespeak and Overthrow) we ended up with a little taste of what this albums true potential holds.  We heard the fairly standard sound that we’ve grown accustom too listening to Veil of Maya, but in the end, is their sound really standard?  Every song they’ve written has been intense, complex, and leaving musicians very confused over the years when it comes to the majority of their work due to oddball time signatures and a very unique playing style.  Between the two singles released, we already received some of the best parts from Veil of Maya that we are fairly use to, which truly fills my metal influenced heart with bliss and joy.  The killer breakdowns and fast tempo rhythms throughout them combined with the occasional newfound verse/chorus patterns just absolutely crush it with ease.


As I was listening to “False Idol” I was fairly intrigued on how their first true concept album would turnout, and so far I’m still hooked on the “sick licks” they came up with for this album.  Luckily Veil of Maya had a lot more time to actually prepare this time around and was able to structure these songs properly instead of adding vocals/lyrics at the last minute with a fresh new vocalist.  That particular situation was out of their hands at the time due to some bad timing involved on the last album, but in the end, were able to pull it together to create something fresh and new for everyone which ended up opening many new doors.  Having the time to prepare this time definitely made a difference this time around listening to these tracks; “Manichee” is a prime example.  When listening in on it, you can really hear the dynamics added into the vocals that match up with the music.  It didn’t feel rushed or even pushed into the song, it sounded a lot more naturally involved one could say.


Going from the first half of this album to the second, it has a transitional point it feels like where it starts off fast and heavy, giving that well needed adrenaline rush before slowing it down actually and giving you a quick breather.  That breather doesn’t really last too long since the last three songs go right back into some heavy hitting riffs.  Let us not forget the fantastic bass lines and drum beats from Dan Hauser and Sam Applebaum.  Who else are we missing?  Quite possibly one of the most entertaining and talented guitarists to hit the scene as well, Mark Okubo.  Where this group comes up with half of the things they do is a question that seems as if it will never be answered.  Overall rating from our standpoint, 4 out 5 stars, a very high quality rating and an amazing album for all metal fans to indulge and simply enjoy.  Personal recommendations of songs to listen to would be: Fracture, Pool Spray, Citadel, and Follow Me.