Blink-182 Celebrate 20 Years of “Enema of the State”

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of their hit album “Enema of the State” Blink-182 embarked on a headlining tour with Lil Wayne and Neck Deep while Pittsburgh (Burgettstown) was lucky enough to get a date on this tour.  With some concerns about the weather Saturday night, it shaped up pretty nicely so that there was no delays at all and the show carried on as scheduled.  Due to certain circumstances though, Blink-182 ended up going on second rather than headlining because Lil Wayne’s tour bus broke down and was not at the venue yet.  In some sense, it was a nice change up for the diehard fans who didn’t have to wait as long to see a band that they hold so dear to them.


Aside from the absurd amount of additional speakers they brought with them, the stage setup itself was actually very basic for Blink-182 (for the moment) as they ripped through “Enema of the State.”  Drums right up front in the middle of the stage, one mic to each side for Mark and Matt to sing, just a very intimate set up that gave us an old school vibe.  After they were done with playing “Enema of the State” in its entirety, that’s when they added some extra flare to their gig with Travis Barker’s rotating drum setup that was stashed away in the back during the first part of their set.  Wouldn’t expect anything less really from a drummer of that caliber.


Finishing up their set with a grand total of 22 songs, a drum solo, and two acoustic songs back by the lawn seats, Blink-182 didn’t disappoint anyone who attended their show that night.  Luckily they were able to perform early that night otherwise it could’ve been a very long night waiting around!  Pittsburgh was only really the start of this tour so there are plenty of other dates to see them given the chance.  Check out the setlist below and maybe that will entice you even more!



  1. Dumpweed
  2. Don’t Leave Me
  3. Aliens Exist
  4. Going Away to College
  5. What’s My Age Again?
  6. Family Reunion
  7. Dysentery Gary
  8. Adam’s Song
  9. All the Small Things
  10. The Party Song
  11. Mutt
  12. Wendy Clear
  13. Anthem
  14. Down (Mark & Matt acoustic)
  15. Wasting Time (Mark & Matt acoustic)
  16. Drum Solo
  17. Bored to Death
  18. Built This Pool
  19. I Miss You
  20. Cynical
  21. The Rock Show
  22. Dammit