“Doubt Me” Not In Philly Rapper LEFTY’s Vocabulary

Philly Rapper Lefty is never one to hustle backwards.  Many hip-hop artists claim titles like Entrepreneur, Hustler, or Go-Getter, but none exemplify this title better than Lefty. Born Kareem Williams in South Philadelphia, PA, Lefty, the son of The Late Doo Wop singer Charles Williams From “The Turbans”, began his quest to hip-hop stardom in 1998, rapping his heart out on the set of Philly Most Wanted video shoot for legendary producer Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes, heavily influenced by 2Pac, E-40, Eightball and MJG  and more, as part of a South Philly rap group named Plead Da Fifth, including Takedown Records star Daytona, among others. After dropping 3 well received mixtapes with the group, Lefty, decided to become a co-owner of Lab Addicts studio. He helped shape the careers of noted Philly rappers NHRandom (aka Mega Ran) and many more.

Lefty decided to leave the studio and mic behind in 2003 to focus on business ownership and family life. After putting up amazing numbers in the MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) and Internet marketing business and relocating to Phoenix, AZ, Lefty is now returning to the hip-hop world with a vengeance, boasting an improved flow and sharper business mind. On the side, Lefty hosts a high profile hip-hop gossip blog, and has conducted interviews with some of the biggest names in Reality Television and Adult Entertainment.
Pittsburgh Music Magazine got a chance to speak with Lefty recently (10/7/2013) about how his music evolved from his childhood and neighborhood experiences, hustling as a businessman and musician, keeping in touch with his Philly boys, and much, much more.  Take a listen here…
Lefty Album Photo Shoot

Lefty has really went over the top with this one and delivered some serious fire. Hooking up with the homie, Philadelphia native Random aka Mega Ran and Arizona’s finest, Futuristic, who has worked with Funk Volume’s Superstars Dizzy Wright and Swizzz. This track is produced by Mr. Throwed and the concept of the video is what some would like to call very true-to-life and very easy for the average person to watch it and say “that is me.”  Video was directed by Michael Cardoza from Phoenix, AZ.

Twitter Info: @onlyfuturistic, @megaran, @mlmkareem