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A Day to Remember Finally Release Common Courtesy

It has been almost a year since A Day to Remember (ADTR) announced that they were recording a new album that would be released end of 2012, early 2013 area. Due to legal issues with their record label, Victory Records, the album could not be released. The album, “Common Courtesy”, that fans have been waiting for, for so long, had no idea on when this highly anticipated album would finally come out. ADTR has constantly been asked about details on the album and they have kept it completely in the dark up until a month ago or so, when they randomly posted a picture of the date “October 8, 2013”. It was supposed to be an official confirmed date but up until last Friday (October 4th), it was not. Sometime in the late afternoon last Friday, the judge who was dealing with the lawsuit finally stated that the band (ADTR) could release the album without the discretion of their record label. So finally, after such a long hard fought battle, “Common Courtesy” is out and we can now post a review on it!
Now I have been an ADTR fan since they started as a band, and I have to say, this album is defiantly some of their best work. Every album they have put out has never disappointed in the least, and this album doesn’t whatsoever… but it is a little bit of a different turn for them. This time around it seems as if they decided to astray from the heavier style music they would usually play with their pop/punkish ways and use more of that pop/punk element instead. Now don’t get me wrong, they still have their huge breakdowns and such, it just seems as if they have decided to explore other areas as musicians, which I do highly encourage for bands. No one wants to hear the same old stuff over and over again.
Right off the bat, ADTR opens up with the song “City of Ocala”, which like any other of their albums is a very strong intro song. It defiantly sets the pace for the rest of the album, and this would be the song that best describes that pop/punk element. As soon as it ends, it jumps right into “Right Back at it Again” (Which was played on the past two tours), so most fans who have seen them within the past year have heard it already. “Dead and Buried”, which they just started playing live recently, starts to bring back the heavier vibe they’ve had on their other albums. Huge breakdowns and even bigger bass drops pull this song together very well, that is if you don’t blow your speakers out when you are blasting this song in your car. The song “I’m Already Gone” is a nice change of pace for the album, it slows it down quite a bit, but the acoustic guitar is nice way to calm down for a little bit before “Violence [Enough is Enough]” kicks in and goes the complete opposite direction. The entire album has had very deep and meaningful lyrics, but it seems as if as the album progresses, the lyrics get stronger. “I Surrender”, “Life Lessons Learned the Hard Way”, “End of Me”, and “I Remember”… the titles speak for themselves.
Overall, I was very impressed with this album; it was beyond my expectations and so worth the wait. Hundreds of thousands of people stayed up all last night to download this album and listen to it as soon as possible, and now I can see why we all did it. “Common Courtesy” just jumped up to the top of the list for a chance of being album of the year in my eyes. It has a lot to go up against, but with the fan support they have backing them, it should have no problems. If you need something fresh and original to listen to, THIS IS THE ALBUM!

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