Pictorial: Sylar @ Stage AE

©2018 Carson Camp

Sylar’s music is a cocktail of down-tuned bounce, stadium-ready choruses, and streetwise hip-hop flavor. The Queens, New York squad are positioned as a new voice for the voiceless, unapologetically championing the underdog, reigniting the rap/rock genre, and doing it all with swagger and style.

Seasons, the band’s third full-length, out on October 5 via Hopeless Records, isn’t just an album. It’s a manifesto. In “All Or Nothing,” frontman Jayden Panesso affirms Sylar’s dedicated solidarity with the downtrodden and outcast. “For the ones who can’t speak / for the ones who are too scared to dream,” he declares. It’s a mission statement — a post nü-metal call to arms.

“They take the Linkin Park template and update it for 21st century New York,” wrote tastemaker publication Kerrang!. “Sylar’s slick delivery points to big things ahead.”

The band’s previous album HELP! (2016) debuted in the Top 30 of Billboard’s Top Rock Albums chart and saw a handful of singles go to Number One on SiriusXM’s Octane.