Pittsburgh Event

White Hills in Pittsburgh 5/26 @Cattivo w/ Ufomammut

White Hills’ most recent full-length, Stop Mute Defeat, came out last year on Thrill Jockey, and represented a change of pace for the duo, as they integrated more industrial elements into their hallucinatory blend. This lends a distinctively grimy feel that would fit right in with the Mudd Club scene of ’80s NYC – to some extent a natural consequence of the band working with Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Brian Eno, Afrika Bambaataa) yet also a fitting atmosphere for the record’s defiant and philosophically scathing lyrics.

Dave W. and Ego Sensation have led the band to become simultaneously one of the best known and best-kept secrets in live rock, a group that opens a vortex every time they hit the stage.” – PopMatters
Prime dance floor doom-thud.” – The Vinyl District