The Contortionist is Coming to Pittsburgh OCT 3 @MrSmalls

The Contortionist have released a “Rediscovered” version of their most recent LP, Language. The new version contains four re-worked tracks recorded and engineered by John Douglass and mixed/mastered by Jamie King. The rediscovered tracks are accompanied by four all new music videos for the same tracks.
“Playing with that idea, throughout all the songs, there is also a story woven in that
               plays on a few different ideas,” Lessard explains. “Even beyond the actual lyrics and what
              they are literally saying, some of the vocal sounds themselves play a part.”It’s a crude summary of an ambitious project – one that has dense layers of
              sophistication listeners can delve into on their own, while others may be just as happy
to nod their head along to the expansive rhythms and accessible song motifs.The men of The Contortionist remain in awe of prog-titans like Yes, King Crimson and
              Rush. At the same time, the music they are creating will not only build bridges between
               different genres and different scenes; it can even send younger fans to dig through their
              parents’ LP collections look for albums by old legends. Language is more than capable of
              launching The Contortionist to the top of the progressive realm and into the creative