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Review: Polar “Shadowed By Vultures”

Polar is one of those up and coming bands that just keeps grabbing everyone’s attention with some very catchy songs, and constantly getting recognition from some bigger bands in the UK area such as Bring Me the Horizon and Architects. “Shadowed by Vultures” will be their second full length album and man, what a killer one at that.

Polar opens up their newest album with the intro song “First Breath” and the title couldn’t be closer to the truth, because as soon as it ends, they jump right into the first song called “Blood Lines” followed by their first single off of this album, “Glass Cutter”. “Blood Lines” has that heavy grungy sound to it like off of their first album. “Glass Cutter” has not so much a laid back rhythm, but more of a build up kind of riff so everyone can just blast their speakers and sing along with the very catchy chorus lines.

The album rolls onto “Black Days” which has a similar sound to “Glass Cutter”. This song has a lot more clean guitar then what they usually do but its a nice change of pace for them. The bass lines in this song were just killer from start to finish. When “Before the Storm” comes on, the title speaks for itself basically. The song is very calm in the beginning, and stays fairly slow the whole time. It gets a bit louder but nothing crazy so its not overbearing at all. Its more of a nice little intermission song.

“Mountain Throne” is up next and this is the second single off of the album released only a few weeks ago. This song doesn’t really get crazy but another catchy chorus line by Polar. They simply have a knack for making their songs very catchy which is really good for their future. “Vipers” grabbed by attention a bit with its very interesting drum beats that had me listening very closely. This song went back and forth between a huge heavy sound to a slower headbanging sound and was quite enjoyable.

The title track, “Shadowed by Vultures”, just comes barreling in with some faster riffs and drums and instantly makes you want to start running in a circle pit. Then “Paradise” comes on, and its a breath of fresh air really. Some very soft guitar led by the beautiful sound of a piano. Even though its not a song you will see them play live, its really nice relaxing song right before they finish up the album.

The last two songs were “Create” (which was on their last EP), and “Our Legacy”. “Create” is always a fun jam since they released it last year on an earlier EP, and it has not grown old at all. “Our Legacy” was probably the most technical song on the album. Various different speeds with some of Polar’s grungy metal riffs followed by their upbeat ones. The vocals really impressed me on this one; they were a lot more varied with highs and lows to change it up.

Overall, it was a solid album. I don’t really have any complaints about it and it can’t come out soon enough! Polar’s new album, “Shadowed by Vultures”, is set to be released February 10th. Go Grab a copy as soon as you can.