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Review: I Killed the Prom Queen “Beloved”

The Australian metalcore band, I Killed the Prom Queen, have had some very up and down times over their time as a band. This has included lineup changes and breakups since they formed back in 2000. Just last year though, it was announced that the band was going to become a full-time band again and start to write/record a new album, hoping to release it early 2014. Well here we, early 2014, and the album has not been released just yet but just last night the band offered to have a full stream of their newest album online for everyone to experience the new era of I Killed the Prom Queen.

They start off with an intro song called “Beginning of the End” and then as soon as it ends the drums for “To the Wolves” just come blistering in to really kick off the album. “To the Wolves” was released late last year but nonetheless, it is still a great song to jam too.

The next two songs entitled “Bright Enough” and “Melior” have some very sick guitar riffs that isn’t just the usual kind of metalcore riff; they add more into it that just gives the song a nice melody and gives it a very definite sound. Don’t worry too much though, they are still a metal band so things are going to still get heavy with some breakdowns and chugging chords.

The second single off of the album, and the first music video, “Thirty One & Sevens” is probably my personal favorite off of this album. It has a very solid mix of the heavy side and the more upbeat technical side of metalcore that really gets you to jam and move to it. The riffs, the drums, and the vocals were just at their best for this song.

“Calvert Street” picks the speed back up for the album (more than it was) right before it slows down a bit for “Kjaerlighet”. While “Calvert Street” was focused more on blast beats, breakdowns, and some heavy riffs, “Kjaerlighet” was laid back and used more of an orchestra behind parts of this song to make it a lot more full then it already was.

The last four songs are easier to sum up together: The Beaten Path, Nightmares, No One Will Save Us, and Brevity. All four of these were just like the rest of the album, a very solid mix of everything you want in a metalcore band. There is no other way to put it. No song on this album was disappointing in the least. This may just be one of the strongest comebacks ever for a band. To release such a strong album after not being a full-time band in six years… its beyond impressive. I would love to say that this is their masterpiece but then again, I Killed the Prom Queen is back and they have the energy and determination right now to trump their own album right now. Things are going to get interesting.

Check out I Killed the Prom Queen’s new album “Beloved” set to release February 18th.

Full Stream “Beloved” here: