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Review: Periphery’s New Album “Clear”

Periphery has just recently released their newest album “Clear”. Just for starters, this may just be their finest album yet. The album is not overly done with utter ridiculousness and since its only a total of seven songs, it is just the right length where it never losses your attention.

The first song off of the album is called “Overture” and it is mainly just piano with a some slow drawn out guitar and drums. The Piano ends up picking up speed for a only a few seconds then falls back into a more gracious melody. Then album really gets started with some very tight riffs in usual Periphery fashion with “The Summer Jam”. The instrumental is always killer with Periphery but the vocals were what caught my attention this time around. Everything was right on key and it covered a lot of vocal range (which is done quite well throughout the album).

“Feed the Ground” is the next song on the track listing and this is without question the best song on the album. The drums and bass lines were just absolutely killer on this track. It starts off with a type of metal groove and all of a sudden it picks up the pace right before they switched to a heavy breakdown. This song has everything you could ever want in a song and you might never take it off repeat after you listen to it.

The next song is called “Zero” and it reminds you a lot of the old school Periphery songs with their very intricate time signatures and such. This song is nothing but instrumental and when you listen to it, you will understand why. Even without any vocals, this song is really cool to just sit back and listen to.

“The Parade of Ashes” starts off with some heavy faster chugging riffs and tight drum beats. When the chorus kicks in, it is hard to explain, but it has a very old school rock sound to it that just makes you want to dance. It is very upbeat and this song is a really great build up song. The second half of this song gets quicker and adds in an Avenged Sevenfold sounding guitar solo which really brought the song together before going back to their groovy chorus line.

To finish up the album, they end it with “Extraneous” and “Pale Aura”. The first of the two, “Extraneous”, has a very odd drum beat that is all bass, toms, and snare. The guitars and bass all have very odd sounds to them as well and after a short bit, they all pull together for the faster part before slowing it all back down to a breakdown. “Pale Aura” ends the album with a lot more screaming vocals then the rest of the album and even adds some killer blast beats. This might be the tightest track on the entire album with the quick switches from fast and slow parts without any sort of pause. The last two minutes of the song they start to slow it down and end the album with a little bit of piano and some very soft guitar.

Periphery’s album “Clear” from front to back was just simply excellent. In my personal opinion it is their best work yet. The vocals were phenomenal, the guitars and bass were very tight, and the drums were insane as always. If their is any album you want to go out a buy right now, it is this one without question. You will not be disappointed.

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