Harn SOLO – “Colors x Shapes” music video

Harn SOLO and Caliobzvr performing the song “Colors x Shapes” at Primal On Vinyl studio in New Orleans. The Focus Cinema TV directed film is the second single from Harn SOLO’s latest album, “Perfect Picture” released this Fall.

Forming strong partnerships with talented producers Pro Prospek and CZA of Crescent Kingz, the trio merge together to tint a detailed layered sonic portrait. Reflecting influences from the West Coast, the South and the ever-enduring 90’s decade of golden hip-hop, even with Harn vacillating between a fast trip and slower, deliberate melodic flow, several listens are required to catch the clever word play that naturally add shadows and texture to the collective painting. Standing back from the “Perfect Picture”, the listener will view the canvas chock full of inventive swirls and impressive reverbs.

New York music source The Soul Dynamic says, “The music gives you a sense of a rapper’s potential realized, blended together by an artist who’s ready to grab the mic and solidify his place in the game at any time, in any place. All sparked by a hustle and a sound that’s more reflective of the Crescent City than any noise we’re familiar with at this moment in time or until the levee breaks.”

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