Pittsburgh Music Magazine Interviews Paiste (drummer) of Neurotic November

NEUROTIC NOVEMBER’s Anunnaki is a complete mutiny of the senses, combining the best elements of hip-hop, rap, and metal to create what they’ve dubbed “rapcore”. Fans can stream the album this week only at MSN Music and Revolver Magazine is currently offering a glimpse into NEUROTIC NOVEMBER’s wildest dreams with the premiere of the music video for single “Nonchalant”. Check it out here!

Officially beginning their journey in 2009, NEUROTIC NOVEMBER began humbly with Dirty (vocals) posting an ad inquiring about a bassist for his band that had immense potential. Almost immediately his search was fulfilled with the addition of Bear, female bassist who quickly trademarked her aggressive playing style and tough-guy attitude. These two musicians with a dream suffered through multiple line-up changes in order to successfully release their EP Passive May in 2012, which showcased the never-ending energy and exhilarating song structures that began their steady climb to the top of the metal scene.

Comprised of vocalist Dirty, bassist Bear, Yoshii on guitar, and Paiste on drums, the members of NEUROTIC NOVEMBER come from all walks of life and value free-thinking and open-mindedness above all else. Their back-flips, unparalleled conviction, and obvious passion work together to create the unforgettable experience that is seeing NEUROTIC NOVEMBER perform live, and their professionalism breeds spotless musicianship. Ready to take the metal scene by storm, NEUROTIC NOVEMBER is gearing up for a very busy 2013, with plans to tour and write, and meet as many fans as humanly possible. Ready to take the scene by storm,NEUROTIC NOVEMBER will be on the road all year,

We were lucky enough to catch up with drummer Paiste just as Anunnaki was released…

 What drew you to music at an early age?

Listening to music everyday with my family or by myself just grew into a passion of making it also. 

 Has being from southern Florida influenced your music in any way?

Definitely going crazy hard and giving 110% energy of my energy into my performances. 

 Musically, who are some your biggest influences?

Joey Jordison (Slipknot)

Dan Bourke (Stray From the Path)

Brad Wilk (Rage Against the Machine)

What was the atmosphere like when you signed to Victory?

Really comfortable family type vibe. Like when you go into a friend’s house and their mom asks you if you’re hungry right off the bat with a nice smile. 

 How did you come about developing your blend of styles?

I came to like a lot of genres like hip hop, jazz, funk, and obviously metal and hardcore so it just mixed all together. 

 What your goals for the band in the next few years?

Do more tours, hopefully hit up friends in Canada and Europe.

 Are your lyrics inspired by personal situations or is it more of putting yourself into situations mentally?

It’s mix of both. We are all different people internally so we’ve all experienced lots of questionable situation which were transferred into our music

What are your favorite and least favorite things about touring so far?

Favorite: Meeting new people and friends, playing with my friends, and the partial workout from loading in/out

 Least favorite: Not showering and having a second layer on my body consisting of sweat more often than I would want haha