SONIC PULSE Lager Than Life LP out 12/18

Massachusetts Power Thrashing maniacs SONIC PULSE have inked a deal with Horror Pain Gore Death Productions who will release their debut album “Lager Than Life” on 12″ Black vinyl December 18th. Below is the official description:

Beer-fueled Thrash meets epic Power Metal! Hailing from Massachusetts, Sonic Pulse consist of members/ex-members of Skull Hammer, Razormaze, Vindicator and Ravage. This concoction of pure metal madness results in an epic Speed Metal massacre of the forlorn… prepare for the pounding evil swill to penetrate your soul as raging rhythms ravage your brain and ludicrous lyrics cast you under their demoniac spell! This is a limited edition pressing exclusively on Black vinyl from HGPD. For fans of Blind Guardian, Cryptic Slaughter, Dragonforce, Formicide, Iced Earth, Meliah Rage, Metal Church, Municipal Waste, Murphy’s Law, Rage, Revocation, Tankard, Wargasm and Wehrmacht.