Spin premieres the music video for “Modern Times” by RNDM

“The video acts as an introduction to the band. I had the idea about us shaving our heads when I was in Mexico and figured Jeff and Richard wouldn’t be into it but much to my chagrin they were! But instead of shaved heads Jeff suggested mohawks. I’ve never had a mohawk so I figured it would be an exercise in abandoning vanity in front of the camera. One thing I didn’t know, which I learned the day of, is that Jeff’s dad is a barber so Jeff is an expert with the sheers. In the end we didn’t look half bad. Originally we were gonna have silent movie style footage acting out the story of our transformation. Ehud (the director) and I spent an evening writing a treatment and Jeff added to it later. There were quite a few ideas we never got to including girls in orange bikinis and baseball with oranges but in the end we just lived in the moment and it flowed so easily we were done in a few hours. Ehud edited the very next day and no one changed a thing. To me it’s a video about a band saying hello to the world and having a whole lotta fun in the process. PS. Those masks are all Jeff!

We hope you dig it.” Love Jo RNDM

– Joseph Arthur

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