Live Review: Adam Melchor “Here Goes Nothing!”

By Madi Wise

February 11, 2023 Adam Melchor comes to Pittsburgh for his “Here Goes Nothing” tour celebrating his new indie-folk pop album. The singer- songwriter grew up in a family of musicians and started performing in pizza shops in his hometown in New Jersey. Now is on tour across North America, but is happy to be back on the East Coast.

The ambiance and energy of the venue reminded me of a New York City jazz club, with the stage decorated in warm, glowing lamps illuminating his many guitars. Melchor opens the set with the first song on his new album “I’m Afraid I love You”. I will say, this song was phenomenal live! The energy was intense yet soothing. It’s a sentimental song about the fears of unrequited love ending with the lyrics “Here goes nothing, I’m cliff jumping well without a parachute and here’s the truth I’m afraid I love you”. A great start to the album and tonight’s set.

Melchor goes on to perform a few other songs from his newest album like “Touch And Go”, an excruciatingly sad song about his long distance relationship and more melodies like “Rest Of My Night” where Adam encouraged the crowd to link arms and everyone sang together, a very heartwarming moment. Melchor played a few other songs from his discography and some fan favorites too. He ended the night with an encore and a sweet-little bow with his band.

Adam graced the crowd with his stunning, angelic vocals, putting his orchestra training to good use. While also switching between the piano, trumpet, and his soulful guitar riffs. He effortlessly navigates his setlist while cracking jokes in between songs about the Pennsylvania and New Jersey rivalry, telling heart wrenching stories of his long distance relationship, and anecdotes about song writing with Charlie Puth and Fleet Foxes.

The emotion that filled the venue that night was unbelievable. His music brings a sense of comfort and energizes the crowd, leaving a long lasting effect. Adam, while very talented, is still so humble and charming.  Adam pulls the audience in like no other and we couldn’t thank him enough for it.