Thee Sacred Souls: Southern California Sweet Soul comes to Pittsburgh

By Madi Wise

Thee Sacred Souls represents a traditional soul and R&B sound with soothing tempos, gorgeous harmonies, and heavenly melodies. The lyrics are often about the simple, yet complex, themes of love and life. The group released their first single not too long ago, in 2020. After only performing for about a month in Los Angeles they quickly turned heads and were signed to Daptone Records. They then released their first self-titled album just last year, in 2022.

Despite this being the beginning of the band’s career, the group puts on a natural, comforting, seemingly effortless performance.

The band’s show this past week at Thunderbird Café & Music Hall in Pittsburgh was nothing short of breathtaking. They opened the show with Overflowing, a song about loving more than you can show or describe, which set the tone for the rest of the evening. 

The lead singer, Josh Lane, likes to describe the meaning behind their songs before they’re performed, giving the audience another perspective on their already deep and meaningful lyrics. As well as connecting with the audience through personal anecdotes and insightful romance advice. Lane also continued his tradition of performing a song off the stage, and among the audience. The crowd was thrilled and Lane even performed a second song in the crowd on the upper level of the venue giving the audience a much more intimate and memorable experience. Each song flowed into the next and the audience danced and passionately sang along to every one.

In total, the group performed 14 songs and a three song encore. They wrapped up with a fan favorite, Can I Call You Rose. A song about the curiosity and excitement of love at first sight. Now Thee Sacred Souls will go on to the second half of their tour.

Overall, the show was wonderful. Thee Sacred Souls is one of my favorite bands, so naturally I was very excited to see them perform. They completely exceeded my expectations. It was such a soulful and moving performance. Thee Sacred Souls takes the sounds from the past into a new trajectory.