Lavender Tour: A Detroit Show Review

by Kyle Brown

What happens when three rising stars in the music industry decide to tour together? If you answered a show that had three artists that could have been headlining acts, you answered correctly. The Majestic Theater in Detroit, Michigan played host to the Lavender tour. The tour in name of Jake Scott’s upcoming album, featured Scott as the headliner, with Brynn Cartelli and ROSIE opening for him.

Opening up the night was Brynn Cartelli. Cartelli made her way onto the scene by winning season 14 of the hit NBC show, The Voice at the age of 15. A high school freshman from Massachusetts at the time, Catrelli navigated her way through the show and performed to the likes of Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, and her chosen coach, Kelly Clarkson. Since winning her season, Cartelli left her initial record label (something very common among Voice winners) and is now signed by Elektra Records.

Dressed in a black t-shirt and a long light pink skirt, Brynn opened with “Last Night’s Mascara” to which ended in a loud applause. Cartelli then went on to discuss how grateful she is for this opportunity and set up her next song with being an avid, and maybe slightly addicted astrology person. To the point it may or may not have an affect on who she chooses to be in a relationship with.

Brynn Cartelli performs at the Majestic Theater in Detroit, Michigan on November 12th, 2022.

One of the most noticeable things for her set was that she was the only one on stage. Which to me, is very refreshing and bold. All eyes are on you as an artist, you can’t hide behind a drummer or guitarist. For being just 19 years old, that in itself was one of the best things of her performance. The pop singer was able to show her vocal abilities, slicing through notes so effortlessly all while playing the guitar and piano. Each song seemed to be written off of life experiences. The good, the bad, and all the in-between. It makes the experience of listening to her all the more real. Each note is hit with some type of emotion. Singing about her own life, reliving all the pain and happiness, all the memories. The twenty five minute set ended with her recently released song, “Convertable in the Rain”, to which Cartelli dabbled in directing the music video too. The song ended with many “we want more” shouts. A sign that Cartelli is well on her way to stardom.

Up next was a Tik Tok viral sensation turned professional singer, ROSIE. The 21 year old singer and songwriter is very open and vocal about mental health and how important it is. Rosie wants listeners to be able to feel heard and listened to, and prides herself on being as real as possible. During the pandemic, ROSIE released a song called “Never the 1” on Tik Tok that caught the world by storm, and gained so much attention, she signed a record deal. She put her brother and fellow band mate Matteo, as her manager and began making music, with an EP out in 2021.

Rosie during the Lavender tour in Detroit, Michigan.

The pop signer and songwriter came out on stage and much like Brynn, ROSIE was able to talk between her songs and express what the next song means to her and the intention she wants the audience to feel. Songs that seemed to make ROSIE giddy when she saw the audience singing her songs with her. Backed with great drumming, guitar, and keyboard instrumentals, she was very personable. Having the crowd sing some of the songs without her and moving around the stage, allowing for everyone all around the theater a good view.

If there was one thing I truly loved about her set, it was how calm and collected she was. For not being discovered until just a few years ago, ROSIE held her own beautifully. Her notes soared effortlessly and she enjoyed her time on stage. I also really loved how she took the time to thank everyone who made it possible to take the stage and make a tour happen.

At 9:30pm, the stage lights dimmed and a small solo between the drummer and guitarist of Jake Scott began. When Jake did come on stage, a loud thunderous roar of cheers came with it. Rocking a Detroit t-shirt, immediately you knew it was going to be a good set. It became very clear how energetic Scott would be this concert. A stark contrast from the first two sets. Scott was jumping, running, and throwing his hands up getting himself and the audience pumped up.

Just like his two counterparts, Scott liked to discuss the upcoming songs before performing them. To his own self proclaim, most are about his wife. The breakup songs included, imagining how he’d feel if it was to end. It was nice to see him go from just singing, to playing a guitar, to playing a piano. A multi-talented artist and it made the show that much better.

Headliner Jake Scott performing while on the Lavender tour in Detroit.

Watching from the crowd, I observed several areas having people dancing together and just enjoying their time. Taking us back to a coffee shop like atmosphere, Scott played some songs solo. Scott said he likes going back from time to time during concerts to just do what he loves best, standing on a stage and just singing. Letting his voice do the work. It worked on me. I had my notes all written and still stayed for his entire set. The atmosphere he created was mesmerizing. To which I am glad I stayed. Seeing him get into the crowd during “Good Day” and letting the crowd sing with him was a really awe inspiring moment.

Scott’s debut album, Lavender, is set to be released this Spring, 2023. Though he has released many songs, too many to be on a single album, Scott mentioned these songs will be what he feels represent him best. All around, his set was fun from start to finish. A start that began as writing for the likes of Carrie Underwood, Aloe Blacc, Russell Dickerson and Jason Mraz, Scott has done extremely well himself.

The Majestic Theater was on the smaller side when it comes to venues, but with that comes a more intimate experience. All three artists had bops and are extremely talented. A must see when any of them come in to an area near you.