Kehlani: Blue Water Road Trip Tour Review

Kehlani made her tenth stop at Robert Morris University’s UPMC Event Center on her Blue Water Road Trip tour following the release of her much anticipated seventh album, Blue Water Road. Her North American tour hits 28 cities with openers Rico Nasty and Destin Conrad before heading to Europe for an additional 15 shows. Although Rico Nasty was unable to perform in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, Destin Conrad definitely brought the energy and excitement to kick off a beautiful show.

Kehlani sang an astonishing 23 song set with soulful R&B, dance bops, and sensual ballads. The show starts with a charming clip of her and her daughter, Adeya, talking about her songs then leads seamlessly into “little story”. She took UPMC on a journey through her career by performing songs from all seven of her albums including “1st Position” from her debut album, Cloud 19, released back in 2014 and many from her latest drop in April of this year.

There was a surprise proposal in the audience, and the lucky couple was brought up on stage where Kehlani serenaded them with her 2017 song “Honey” after performing an acoustic version with her guitarist, Lexii Lynn. She also let the couple and audience know that she is ordained in California and would be more than happy to officiate their wedding!

Throughout the night, Kehlani would stop to thank her fans for supporting her and her career.

“You have helped give my daughter a home and a future.”

Her show reflects her bubbly and down to earth personality by keeping it personal and upbeat. The focus was love. This is also her first tour since making her relationship with her girlfriend, Dani Balbuena (070 Shake), public as well as the birth of her daughter in 2019.

Overall, if you haven’t seen Kehlani perform live, it is an experience unmatched.