Hayley Kiyoko: All 4 Nothing tour Review

By Kyle Brown

Hot off a new album release, Hayley Kiyoko took the stage as a special guest to the Lauv: All 4 Nothing Tour around 8pm Saturday night. This was the third stop on the tour, in the beautiful venue of Meadow Brook Amphitheater. The venue, set back in a wooded area, offered plenty of good seats under the amphitheater, as well as on the grassy hill directly behind the seats. It was so much of a surprise, Kiyoko herself, posted about it on her instagram stories.

Kiyoko opened her set with “Demons”, a song released in 2019. A song that seemingly resinates with many people, as it talks about mental health and dealing with the demons that live in our heads. Her next song comes right off her just released sophomore album, Panorama. “Sugar at the Bottom” is a song audiences can sing along to, and proudly say good luck to whomever is next to date their ex. Lyrics like:

“Are you still pushing everyone away at arm’s length?
You pulled ’em close but never stayed”

Kiyoko sings that the next person will eventually find there is not a happy ending, and will eventually find themselves at the bottom with no way to fix it. All while singing, Kiyoko is a performer as well. Dancing and interacting with fans, showing how much she appreciates the love from the crowd while performing. The eight song set was finished with the songs Curious, Deep in the Woods, Underground, For the Girls, Panorama, and Girls like Girls.

An artist, known for her fun, pop music engages her audiences around the world with her music that concentrates on the LGBTQ community. Kiyoko herself, is a part of that community, and represents and advocates for everyone involved. So much so, fans have been calling her “Lesbian Jesus” since 2018.

Kiyoko will be in Pittsburgh on August 20th, at Stage AE. Be sure to check her out!