Kahone Concept announces new pop infused release “Amicably”.

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Kahone Concept is a pop/indie artist from Pittsburgh, PA. Taking aesthetic inspiration
from 70’s pop culture and retro-futurism, he is aimed to encompass his songs in a manner that is a reflection of not just a musical act, but his life as a whole, describing his project as “the story of a person who dedicated their life to their art, documenting the attempt at success every step of the way”. Whether or not “success” is ever achieved is all part of his story, it is about the songs made along the way and the development of a person throughout their life. “Wether I ‘make’ it or not, I’ll be doing this until I die, and the thought of the amount of cool songs I’ll make between then and now, is extremely exciting and why I do it.”

“Amicably” is Kahone Concept first of a wave of singles (in addition to acoustic versions and commentaries inbetween to supplement) planned for release. It is about indulging in the human instinct to deflect blame and preserve oneself at the expense of another, showing that sometimes our most mature moments are born from our knee jerk immaturities.

TLDR: he got dumped and was all sad boi and played victim when in reality he sucked
as a boyfriend. Because of his heartbreak, it’s taught him how to properly love and show
that he cares about people. Kahone Concept is completely independent. He writes, records, and produces all of his own tracks. He films and directs his music videos, photoshoots, graphics, and everything creative around his brand. To him every detail that represents his music matters. He even plays a heavy role in his merch and designs. Most notably a t-shirt design section that was created by a computer program he wrote that created a fake song out of all his song lyrics. For his live shows he builds all the setlists, programs the lights, and creates stage plots, and runs monitor systems. Through all these learning processes he is very passionate about helping other musicians saying “When I first started there were so many gatekeepers. I think they are scared someone will become better than them without working as hard, but music is an art. You don’t just get complacent, it’s growing as you grow. Take the feeling of competition and jealousy and use it better yourself”.

Kahone Concept officially began in 1969, but the foundations of this Pittsburgh-based pop artist/producer were laid long before then. 56-year-old Ben Orrvick taught himself how to play a variety of instruments throughout his childhood, but as he’d struggled to find people to start a band with, he took matters into his own hands. Using a calculator (Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS) given to him by his high school, he began recording and producing tracks independently. Swearing he would never “make music with anybody but Mr. Wonderful (NBC’s Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary)” he decided to legally change his name to Ben Kahone, leaving his friends and family behind to pursue his artistic vision. (The author must mention he has not left anyone behind, and continues to have great relationships with friends and family, but he insisted it be included). Kahone’s newest song “Amicably” dawns the start of a new era for the pop artist and will be available worldwide (Except North Dakota, he insisted that it specifically not distributed to that region. When asked, he chose not to comment) June 3rd. Influences: Spotify’s Discover Weekly, Coldplay, Catfish and the Bottlemen, John Cena

“(His) Songs are as brimming with personality as they are with melody, high quality songwriting, and production value” UPROXX

“The world disappeared for me and I simply was carried away by the music and performance.” LA on Lock

“I’m just happy my mom shows up to gigs” – Kahone Concept

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