Review: The Blue Stones and JJ Wilde at ThunderBird Cafe

Photos and Review by Tess Casto

Duo band The Blue Stones and opener JJ Wilde brought a memorable performance at the Thunderbird Cafe in Pittsburgh. The energy being brought to the crowd was nothing short of spectacular. The love is shown to both band to the audience and vice versa was appropriate for such an occasion on Valentine’s Day date. 

JJ Wilde who has been active on the scene for over a few years brought nothing but an emotional performance. The set may have only been nine songs, but it was long enough to take me on an unforgettable journey through the eyes and vocals of a young woman trying to figure out life. The intensity in her singing clearly showed the honesty behind the lyrics. I’ve seen this promising individual three times now. She proves time and time again that she is capable of maintaining her authenticity. She is a down to earth individual who isn’t afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve. All of her written work and songs demonstrate this vulnerable asset well. Her songs touch upon the basis of mental health, the highs, and lows that come with life, and so much more. During “Funeral For A Lover”, she momentarily spoke of the meaning behind the song. Essentially, it shares the message of talking about mental health openly. That the stigma surrounding one struggling with wellness within should cease. As an individual who suffers from depression and anxiety, it hit home. To have an artist acknowledge the topic and bring awareness is a beautiful thing. If you have yet to check out JJ Wilde, I highly suggest you doing so. She’s an artist who deserves nothing but success.

JJ had the set bar high for the night, so The Blue Stones had to follow up with something indelible. Without a second thought, the duo had done just that. Though only compromised of two people, their execution was filled with momentum, which flourished and carried throughout. For a few brief pauses, Tarek and Justin thanked the fans and audience who came to support them. That made this concert so much more personal. Seeing smaller artists reminds you that every purchase made supports them to keep living their dreams.