Steel Panther Proves That Heavy Metal is Alive and Well in Cleveland

by Emmy Susani

I’ve had the privilege of seeing this outlandish group so many times
I’ve lost count. Their stage presence, humor, and musical talent never fail.
These guys are one of a kind. Not much can be said about this group that hasn’t been said already. This scandalous band has been breaking walls down since they burst onto the scene in 2009.

Stitched Up Heart is support for this leg of the tour. The group was founded in 2010 by vocalist Alecia ‘Mixi’ Demner, and the current line-up consists of James Decker – drums/backing vocals, Merritt Goodwin – lead guitar and Randy Mathias – bass/backing vocals.

This group really surprised me with how energic they are on stage and how they captivated the crowd when I wasn’t expecting them to.
I’ve been a casual fan of them for a long time, but I didn’t feel like
they fit the bill. I am one to admit when I am wrong and boy, was I wrong.
They put on a fantastic set and I would love to see SP bring them out on the road again.

The boys have been touring in promotion of their fifth studio record
“Heavy Metal Rules’ which came out back in September.

One doesn’t exactly go to a Steel Panther show without knowing what
you’re getting into (except for me but that story is for another time.)
Their show is a sexual explosion met with comedic banters, catchy riffs,
and lots of hair spray. Their show never disappoints, the energy and the
undeniable talent of these musicians are incredible.

This band is killing it right now, and at the very top of their game.
I try to take new fans or people who haven’t heard of them before to their
shows, and every single time their show makes these people into new fans.
If Steel Panther is coming to a city near you, Do not miss the chance to see them.

All photos Emmy Susani © 2019