Horror-inspired Metal Band ICE NINE KILLS Plays Pittsburgh 11/23 (SAT)

(Photographer: Paul Hebert; Edited by Mike Cortada)

Boston horror-inspired metal group ICE NINE KILLS will be headlining SiriusXM Octane Presents “The Octane Accelerator Tour” this fall and will stop in Pittsburgh on Saturday, November 23 at Roxian Theater. Tour support includes Fit For a King, Light The Torch, Make Them Suffer and Awake At Last.

The tour comes on the heels of the ‘Final Cut’ edition of their acclaimed fifth album The Silver Scream (out October 25 via Fearless Records) which features 13 songs each paying tribute to a different iconic horror movie. The album marked itself into the band’s history with their first-ever Top 10 Active Mainstream Rock Radio single, “A Grave Mistake,” which peaked at #9 for over three weeks and also debuted on several of Billboard’s Top 10 sales charts (#4 – Hard Rock Albums, #2 – Rock Albums, #8 – Digital Albums). Their latest single “Savages” rapidly climbed to #18 on the Active Rock radio charts.

The ‘Final Cut’ edition will include four acoustic renditions of songs from The Silver Scream, with guest appearances by very special members of both the horror and metal communities, all of which are yet to be unveiled. It will also feature a thrilling cover song and a brand-new number that pays homage to Wes Craven’s 1996 slasher masterpiece, SCREAM. Watch the teaser trailer here

Lyrically and thematically focused on iconic horror movies that vocalist & horror-aficionado Spencer Charnas grew up with (Stephen King’s ITThe CrowA Nightmare on Elm Street, etc.), The Silver Scream was partially recorded at famous filming locations of classic horror movies and includes notable horror genre figures as guests including Sam Kubrick, grandson of Stanley Kubrick, and Chelsea Talmadge (Stranger Things). The band further elaborates on this influence with their vaudevillian-esque stage show and dress as classic horror movie characters along with short skits dispersed throughout their set featuring costumed characters.

ICE NINE KILLS created their own horror film starring Charnas that coincides with the album’s singles and injects their own narrative into the famous movies they pay homage to. Directed by Daniel Hourihan (In Your Eyes, Manchester By The Sea) of Slow Burn Productions, watch the currently released clips below.

Prequel: “Merry Axe-Mas” –  https://youtu.be/tPVNl_g5N_I

Part 1: “The American Nightmare” – https://youtu.be/CudbMvin604

Part 2: “Thank God It’s Friday” – https://youtu.be/5VBbS1e3LYI

Part 3: “A Grave Mistake” – https://youtu.be/sPfYpOJ3shY

Part 4: “Stabbing In The Dark” – https://youtu.be/wGns433H8nA

Part 5: “IT Is The End” – https://found.ee/ITistheend (Out Now)

Read Billboard’s interview with Spencer Charnas here:


Stream THE SILVER SCREAM now at: http://found.ee/thesilverscream

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(Photo Credit: Tina Korhonen)