Remnose [Detroit Indie-folk/rock band] coming to Pittsburgh @ The Government Center on Friday August 30th


Remnose is a Detroit-based indie-folk/rock band that is releasing their new album, “Waiting On The Wind” which will be out on Friday June 14th, 2019. Fans will be able to find “Waiting On The Wind” on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Spotify, and all other streaming services.

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Remnose was formed by two brothers, Marlon Morton (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar) and Carson Morton (Drummer/Backup Vocals) in 2013 with Sam Sparling  (Lap Steel/piano) and Alex Wildner (Bass Guitar) joining later. Remnose’s music originates in a singer/songwriter format in that the songs are built around melody and lyrical content. They advocate a lot for simplicity in their arrangements which helps bring out the intricacies of each musical part while allowing the lyrics and vocal melodies to shine. Remnose’s influences include the likes of Deer Tick, The Growlers, and Kurt Vile.  

“Waiting on the Wind” is the most complete and most complex piece of work that Remnose has yet to offer.  It begins on the open sea with it’s title track bouncing the listener softly and slowly from wave to wave, mourning lap steel almost imitates the sounds of seabirds flying nearby.  From there this album can take you wherever you’d like to go. There are themes of helplessness and hopefulness; of unwavering optimism and unconquerable pessimism and everything in between.  In the physical sense, the instrumentation is ripe with diversity. There are jangling pianos, massive swells of synth, sweeps of cello and violin, and countless other sounds that you may have to go back to find upon another listen.  As a whole, “Waiting on the Wind” is a unique journey that will take it’s listener up and down the stream of human emotion with every song adding it’s own twist or turn.


  1. Waiting on the Wind*
  2. Only Kids
  3. Cures, Diseases*
  4. Greenland*
  5. Walk on the Moon
  6. Room in the Basement
  7. Eyes like the Loon
  8. On a Boat in the Trees
  9. Angel Friend*
  10. Make it Real
  11. Wishing Well
  12. Any Other Day
  13. Day Out, Day In



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“What you hear is the band and their instruments without a lot of unnecessary fuss which is rather clever because actually there is much more going on here than it seems. Marlon has an easy and yet emotive voice effortlessly carrying tunes that lilt like a gentle breeze or an early morning iridescent sun glimpsed through the trees.”

– Americana UK

“Their dreamy melodies will have you unconsciously swaying to the beat in no time, and with a pair of brothers in the band, their voices blend together in perfect harmonies.”

-CBS Detroit

“This alternative country vibe stirs up some nostalgic feels, while the heart-wrenching guitar riffs leave you feeling quiet and alone.”

– CW 50: Detroit Proud Playlist

““Cures, Diseases” touts a twangy beauty further enforced by a rousing vocal presence…”

-Obscure Sound

“Their new EP is a pulse-settler, a heart-swooner, a restorative hazy-summer-day’s-breeze that kinda hugs its way around you as it carries crisp and rustic voices that bend together into a lilting melody over steady-stepped percussion.”

-Deep Cutz

“They infuse indie rock with sort of a dreamy folk feel to create a sound that the band describes on their Facebook page as “Sand-swallowing grumble tunes””

-Hip In Detroit

“The opening track, that entices the listener to hang up their boots and lay-back to allow the music to float through the room…”

-Emerging Indie Bands

“They deliver a consistently enjoyable array of melancholy, alt-country style folk that is easy on the ears. The songs are dreamy and drip with solace as the warm reverb washes over you.”

-Divide and Conquer