The Struts ‘Strut’ Their Way Into a Soldout Show at Stage AE

Review by Tess Casto

Having toured the United States nonstop for the last four years come, powerhouse band, The Struts. Joining the lads on this leg of the tour is JJ Wilde and The Glorious Sons. Each act offers a similar yet diverse taste sliver of rock n roll.

The first opener is a lovely young lady who goes by the name of JJ Wilde. What separates her from the rest is the meaning behind her music. If you look into her backstory, music has always played an important role in her life. She took the gamble of pursuing her music vs working three jobs. I can tell you, it has paid off intensely. Her performance last night was spectacular. The first song was a slow start. Thereafter though, she and the band killed it. Playing songs like “The Rush” and “State of Mind” made for a memorable beginning. Miss JJ Wilde has a bright future ahead of her. I hope to see more of her in the future. There is no doubt in my mind, she has unlimited potential.

Following up after, came on The Glorious Sons. Where to even begin. Just like JJ Wilde, The Glorious Sons setlist was so raw. The lyrics and instrumentals are an amazing follow up for JJ’s performance. My favorite song they performed was “My Poor Heart”. Such a powerful emotional deliverance on a fantastic song. I can see why The Struts would have TGS open for them. They fit the bill so well!

Last but certainly not least, the unforgettable The Struts. I’ve been following this band since late 2016. Seeing the momentum they’ve built up over the last few years have been astonishing. From touring the US nonstop to opening up for the legendary Foo Fighters, it makes me so proud to see how far they’ve come. The fans and notoriety they’ve amassed since then have been at a skyrocketing rate. From selling out Mr. Smalls in 2017 to selling out Stage AE in 2019, they’re only going to get bigger and bigger every single day. Their performance proves that. Beginning with “Primadonna Like Me” it started off the night in the best way possible. The crowd’s energy was the best I had seen in so long. Throughout the night, the energy was maintained at a mind-blowing pace, I dare even say that it got more and more intense as the show went on. The “Strutters” (fans) at this show were the best I’ve seen thus far! The set was a mixture of new and old. Going from a medley of a collection of their songs to a recent cover they did of “Dancing in the Street”. I was never bored. Throughout the night, I danced till my body couldn’t take anymore and sung my heart out to every song. The Struts put forth a breathtaking performance. 

The Struts are a band with so much heart and passion. One can tell this is crystal clear through their albums, performances, and the way how they interact with fans. The future is here. That future is The Struts. Long live rock n roll!

All photos AWeldingphoto © 2019