Review: 311 with Dirty Heads, the Interrupters, Dreamer, and Bikini Trill @KeyBankPavilion

Review and pix ©  2019 Dave Mondine

Saturday night at Keybank Pavilion out in Burgettstown, 311 with Dirty Heads, the Interrupters, Dreamer, and Bikini Trill came out to give the Pittsburgh area one hell of a great show from start to finish on what I would say, was a beautiful day for a concert.  Couldn’t have been better as well for 311 since they were headlining the show that night while on their co-headliner tour with Dirty Heads, and they were also doing a livestream of Saturday night’s show.  That being said, 311 really brought their “A+ game” that night while pulling out all the stunts it seemed.

Before hitting the stage, there was a massive projector screen in the background with what seemed to be a doomsday clock on it, just ticking away as an alien logo sat in the corner.  As the timer was getting closer to zero, the image kept zooming in on the planet earth while fans were counting down and cheering even louder as the clock ran down.  Finally, 311 hits the stage and without wasting anytime so their fans wouldn’t have to wait any longer.  Starting off with “Homebrew” before jumping right into “All Mixed Up,” it was a sure sign that there was no messing around, and that 311 really wanted to put on a show for their livestream and fans (physically) attending the show.

As the band played on, right before they started a new song from their latest album release “Voyager,” they had hundreds upon hundreds of Styrofoam light up sticks thrown into the crowd for everyone to swing around and have a huge lightshow/rave start up within the pit and seating area.  Of course the light up sticks ended up sticking around for the duration of the show.  Especially when the drum solo kicked in only a couple songs later.  Instead of just the normal everyday drum solo where it’s only the drummer… the rest of the band joined in after a variety of larger drums and cymbals came out from behind the stage so they could play along in unison.  If that wasn’t exciting enough, the amount of insane drumstick tosses they did across the stage to one another, and never once dropping them or skipping a beat, simply added onto the showmanship that 311 has crafted over the years.

While uncertain of what to actually expect from this show, I left with nothing but excitement since it was one of the best all-around performances that I’ve witnessed in quite some time it felt.  Whether the livestream gave them (311) a little more incentive to pull out some crazy stunts or not, I couldn’t personally say, but either way I look at it, the performance was exhilarating.  Next time 311 ends up coming into town, rest assured because I will be there for certain if they do anything even remotely close to what they did Saturday night at Keybank Pavilion.

All photos ©  2019 Dave Mondine


  1. Homebrew
  2. All Mixed Up
  3. Beautiful Disaster
  4. What The?!
  5. Come Original
  6. Stainless
  7. Do You Right
  8. Good Feeling
  9. Beyond the Gray Sky
  10. Applied Science (with Chad drum solo & group drum solo)
  11. Don’t You Worry
  12. You Wouldn’t Believe
  13. Too Late
  14. Amber
  15. Creatures (For a While)
  16. Down