Frank Iero @ Pittsburgh’s Rex Theater (June 5)

Frank Iero and the Future Violents whose new album Barriers (out May 31) is a rumination of sorts on life and the obstacles (a.k.a. “barriers”) that come into play, will be performing at Pittsburgh’s Rex Theater on June 5.

The album title is also a nod to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia as it’s played such a significant role in his life – after surviving a crazy accident in Sydney that almost killed him and his bandmates/crew in 2016. This third album is not only a deeply existential journey, with dealing with social anxiety, but also a triumph for him in tackling some of the obstacles that stood in his creative path, like wanting to stray away from being known solely as a band member from MCR. Now, signing to the Australian-born UNFD is another step towards that recovery and making peace with what happened.
Barriers was recorded and mixed by Steve Albini and made with his new band, The Future Violents (which also includes Evan Nestor, Matt Armstrong, Tucker Rule and Kayleigh Goldsworthy).