Pittsburgh rock n’ rollers The Borstal Boys release new single and music video

Sometimes in order to make something work, you have to let it rest for a while. In the case of The Borstal Boys’ new single, Don’t Let Life Pass You By, this remains true: the song has been recorded, scrapped, edited and re-recorded three times since it was first penned by songwriter Rocky Lamonde.

Lamonde is a founding member of the Pittsburgh-based seven-piece rock outfit who boast members with a collectively massive amount of experience in the music industry. Featuring past members from Torn and Frayed, Dirty Charms, and Rusted Root, the band takes their name from a song by The Faces – one of the many bands from which The Borstal Boys draw influences.

Don’t Let Life Pass You By, in its ready-for-release form, is a testament to the band’s talent and creativity. A bluesy rock and roll effort, it sees the band exalting the importance of taking chances as they come, and reflecting on lost friends and opportunities. Showcasing a songwriting style that puts mutual collaboration above all else, The Borstal Boys are an ever-evolving band that remain true to their rock and roll roots. A recent breakout in the Pittsburgh music scene, the next step for this powerful rock outfit is the national stage.