Disturbed and Three Days Grace PPG Paints Arena

Disturbed first broke the scene in 2000 with “Down with the Sickness” and the album of the same name. This tour is a celebration of that record as well as the album, Evolution which was released on October 19, 2018.
‘Evolution World Tour’ will hit the U.S., Canada, and Europe throughout 2019. It is definitely a must see as a fan especially due to the band announcing they would be touring less in the future than during their earlier days, Draiman stated “One thing I will caution everyone on is because we’re doing this tour the way that we are, because we’re doing arenas on our own, because we’re doing the two-hour-long set, because we’re targeting things the way that we are, it’s not gonna be as frequent as Disturbed used to be” (Loudwire).

Three Days Grace opened the show to tremendous enthusiasm from the Pittsburgh crowd. Singer Matt Walst commanded the stage from the first note and was exuded a massive amount of showmanship. Basically what you get here is two headliners rather than an opener and a big act, 3DG was actually able to fit in 13 songs into their highly entertaining set. Prior to the show, the band received Pittsburgh Penguins jerseys from PPG and a private tour of the Pens locker room. Being Canadian they had a bit of trepidation as to showing some Pens love, but they were four of the nicest and most gracious guys in the biz.

photo: Alan Welding

Disturbed began their set with a montage of film projected on a gigantic elongated type screen of the highest quality from various shows to pump the crowd up. It was a bit long but most in the audience did not seem to mind. From there they launched into their first single off of Evolution “Are You Ready”. David Draiman is a commanding presence and prefers to let his singing reflect the bands power rather than running around to be the band cheerleader. Guitarist Dan Donegan and bassist John Moyer seem to be the more animated members and the most likely to react to the crowd. High points of the show would definitely include “Stupify,” “Down with the Sickness,” their two huge hits. Along with playing songs throughout their catalog, Disturbed also played two covers, “Land of Confusion (Genesis),” and “The Sound of Silence (Simon and Garfunkel).

All pix AWeldingphoto ©  2019