Pittsburgh Event

After the Burial, Acacia Strain and Bravura coming to Pittsburgh @RexTheater10/1

After The Burial celebrating 10 years of  album “Rareform” with the Rareform Across the Continent Tour in North America

An uninhibited eight-stringed dual barrage of frenetic riffs and dynamic chord
progression is exactly what the crushing new AFTER THE BURIAL delivers with
pinpoint precision. This highly anticipated new offering is quickly going to raise the
bar for all others within the metal genre as this group effectively unleashes a frenzy of
jaw-dropping dual guitar dynamics that is backed by a captivating energy and groove
resulting in an overall unrelenting output of punishment.  ATB is
hell-bent on forging their own unique path within the extreme metal genre and they
are well on their way to that very goal.

This is an extreme metal hybrid that is a voracious assault on all the senses forcing
your brain to fire on all cylinders in order to process the amount of material that is
currently being pounded into your ears. This is thinking man’s metal and it’s not for
the weak minded.

The tech-wizardry is amped way up, the breakdowns are massive and face-melting
and the vocal delivery is the most devastating yet. Already lauded for their technically
impressive yet well structured style of songwriting, AFTER THE BURIAL certainly
takes things up a notch or two with this newest outing.

AFTER THE BURIAL ‘Dig Deep’ is out February 19, 2016 world-wide.

As stated, the band’s 36-date trek across North America will see After The Burial play Rareform in its entirety. The tour will also show the Acacia Strain playing their 2008 album Continent in its entirety.