YNW Melly Releases I AM YOU Project + “Murder On My Mind” Music Video premiered via The Fader




“An early example of what Melly does best: setting the darkest corners of his thoughts and memories to beautiful melodies.” ~ The Fader
“The artist looks innocent while clutching his backpack in one scene. In the next, he’s moving suggestively while spitting about sexual exploits. His character is colorful, to say the least.” ~ Hot New Hip-Hop
“With a large fan base now eagerly ready for his every move, it is safe assume that YNW Melly is going to be an artist to pay attention to in the South.” ~ Elevator
[August 3, 2018] YNW Melly is the next rising star out of Florida, who just dropped his newest project, I Am You and a video for his hit record, “Murder On My Mind.”
Melly joins the latest wave of melodic gangsta rap. Less than a year into music, the 19 year-old has accumulated over 62 million views on YouTube.  Stands out tracks such as: “Murder On My Mind,” “Virtual,” and “Melly the Menace” has shot Melly to the forefront of Florida rap and caught the attention of The Fader, Hot New Hip-Hop, Elevator, and many more.
Virtual” is the standout tracks on I am You. Melly melodically raps over the jubilant production and brags about his accumulating fortune as he continues to find success in this rap game. 6-minute track “Risk Taker” might be the longest on the album,  but one of the most skillful. Melly playfully masters his word-play and experiments with his melody arrangement.
The attention on Melly transcends music. He’s uniquely fashion-forward and delivers the most compelling visuals to bring his words to life. When talking to The Fader, Melly said “When you into fashion and dressing, people are gonna judge you and try to test you.” At only 19 years old, and having been in and out of jail – Melly isn’t concerned with people’s assumptions. Given the opportunity to make waves in music, he’s living in the present and laboring beautiful rap ballads.
At the core of I Am You, Melly maneuvers through pain and heartbreak. The juxtaposition of misery stricken lyrics and beautifully exuberant production has YNW Melly delivering a remarkable body of work to both loyal fans and curious music lovers around the world.
FULL LENGTH PROJECT – I Am You: Tidal | Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube | Soundcloud
MUSIC VIDEO – Murder On My Mind

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