Danielle: What are you most excited about regarding the new album?

Matt: What I’m most excited about – um, well the fact that it’s been about seven years since our last album. We just did the tour not too long ago but before that, we also hadn’t toured in like three years so I’m just excited to get back out there and start touring again with new music and to finally have a new album after seven years.


Danielle: Yeah, for sure! What are some similarities and differences between the new album and your previous albums such as polarity?

Matt: Well, there are some similarities actually to all of our records with our new stuff. But really it’s a lot, we really tried to kinda go back to our first album a little bit which is “… And Time Began” and kinda throw some of that over the top, just brutal heaviness. And there is a little bit less of the melodic tech stuff that we did on the last couple of records. I mean it’s still kinda, it still has some of that, […] but we’re combining the old with the new and I would say the new stuff is definitely, […] heavier than the last couple of records, so that’s the difference.

Danielle: That’s awesome. So, I understand you did most of the songwriting for the new album. What were some of your inspirations while writing?

Matt: My inspirations, well you know, just the others that have come before me basically, all the original bands. I get a lot of influence from the early 90s Florida death metal scene. I really like that stuff a lot. So, I mean that’s what I was into when I was a kid when I was first getting into death metal in the 90s, was a lot of the Florida bands, New York bands and so that still is my inspiration to this day but, you know at the same time, all the music I listen to is an inspiration and I don’t just listen to death metal. I listen to all kinds of stuff, like weird 80s pop stuff and like Depeche Mode and stuff like that. You know just random stuff. I don’t really like too much modern pop per se, I’m not really into the new, brand new stuff on the radio today, but, I’m really into the old especially 80s and 90s stuff. And I love just any, you know, progressive stuff like Rush and stuff like that. Anything that is cool, it doesn’t need to be heavy at all times and we take a little bit of that and put it into our music even if it’s not necessarily obvious.

Danielle: Yeah! That’s cool. And, do you guys have any tours lined up following the release?

Matt: Finally, yes! I just confirmed a tour two days ago! I was doing all these interviews and everyone was asking “do you guys have a tour” and we kept having to say no and it kinda bothered me a little bit because we are normally on tour when an album comes out!  This time we won’t be on tour while the album comes out but we do have something planned for fall and I can’t say exactly what it is, but it’s, it’s gonna be a banger!



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