Long Strange Trip

What can you say about Dead & Co.?

You’re either in or out.

Love ’em or hate em.

It hasn’t been 52 years for nothing.

Only question is can the otherwise whiny John Mayer hang? Unequivocally yes. Not even a fan but when he is not wonderlanding girl parts that man can play a guitar. There is no one upping. No drama, Just jamming.

Doing the dead.Full disclosure…former deadhead. Took my baby brother to Jerry’s last Pgh. show. I’m biased.

Set list for Key Bank Pavilion 6.15.17

  1. Set 1:
  2. (Grateful Dead cover)

    Play Video

  3. (Grateful Dead cover)

    Play Video

  4. (Bob Weir cover)

    Play Video

  5. (Grateful Dead cover)

    Play Video

  6. (Grateful Dead cover)

    Play Video

  7. (Grateful Dead cover)

    Play Video

  8. (Grateful Dead cover)

    Play Video

  9. Set 2:
  10. (Grateful Dead cover) (>)

    Play Video

  11. Play Video

  12. (Grateful Dead cover) (>)

    Play Video

  13. (Jerry Garcia cover) (>)

    Play Video

  14. (Grateful Dead cover) (1st verse) (>)

    Play Video

  15. (Grateful Dead cover) (>)

    Play Video

  16. (Grateful Dead cover) (> ‘The Other One’ (2nd verse) >)

    Play Video

  17. (Grateful Dead cover) (>)

    Play Video


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