Everybody’s High on Consolation

Everybody trying to relive their wonder years poured into PPG Paints Arena Wednesday. With Tears for Fears knocking everyone back to the 80’s to tone was set for some late 70’s love from Hall & Oates to bring back the memories.

They tossed out some favorites pretty quickly and judging by the concert goers and social media reaction the fans ate it up. Including my son’s 5th grade teacher breaking it down all by herself a few aisles back.

While the crowd loved Sarah Smiles, She’s Gone and even tacky 80’s trash like Man Eater and Rich Girl this middle aged mom could have taken a pass. If you could get past the awkward stage presence (Daryl front and center and John quietly in the corner) and the fan designed to perfectly blow Daryl’s now grey mane you had to pay attention to the actual music. The vibe was great, the pitch was B.A.D. When you lower everything a few octaves and still can’t hit the notes it’s a damn good thing you have a full band to back you up.

At the end of it all what matters is how you feel when you leave. Good, bad or ugly “everybody’s tryin to tell me what is right for me…” is still rolling around in my brain and may make it to my spotify playlist.


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