A Lot Like Birds share DIVISI with Pittsburgh

It has been a long three years or so since A Lot Like Birds swung by Pittsburgh for a show, but with their latest album “DIVISI” added to their highly intricate discography, it was quite necessary to have the citizens of Pittsburgh experience the new direction they have decided to take with their latest release.  “DIVISI” is a whole new experience for not only fans, but for the band as well.  They even fully admitted this was “a step into new territory, but one the universe assured us was in the right direction.”  With that being said, curiosity struck me as I was heading to this show due to the fact that this was, in fact, a new sound for them, so the question at hand was, what songs will they be playing?  The answer, “DIVISI” in its entirety to truly give the crowd an unforgettable experience as they were taken on a journey throughout the whole course of this album that they (A Lot Like Birds) had so much confidence in.


Needless to say, to play an album in its entirety is either very beneficial or very risky, facts are facts.  “DIVISI” being the first time they have attempted something this unique was more on the risky side but while standing in that room hearing it be played, it was as if the whole world froze, just so everyone could hear them play.  Just imagining total isolation from the outside world is insane enough, but to actually experience it is a whole other thing.  Very few bands could take you on a journey such as that, only a couple off the top of my head as I write this review, but A Lot Like Birds just so happens to be one of those bands now.


Personally, the next time A Lot Like Birds comes back around it would be nice to see them at a bigger venue with more extraordinary bands.  With the current direction they are heading, this can be quite possible with the right bands intermixed.



  1. Always Burning, Always Dark
  2. The Sound of Us
  3. For Shelley (Unheard)
  4. Trace the Lines
  5. Atoms in Evening
  6. Infinite Chances
  7. The Smoother the Stone
  8. No Attention for Solved Puzzles
  9. Further Below
  10. Good Soil, Bad Seeds
  11. From Moon to Son
  12. Divisi


  1. Properties of Friction
  2. No Nurture
  3. Kuroi Ledge