Indigo Girls After All These Years

On a limited stop tour the Indigo Girls hit Carnegie Lecture Hall Sunday. You read that correctly, Lecture not Music Hall. One would not think of this as a particular spectacular venue but it was the perfect setting for this dynamic duo. With seating at (best guess) 500 at most, the show was intimate. With no backdrops, lasers or light shows the band was the only thing to focus on. The acoustics made their already amazing harmony sound incredible.


Opening was Dom Kelly, a talented young singer/songwriter who has been touring with Amy and Emily for nearly a decade. His tone and sound literally set the stage with a beautiful sound and haunting lyrics.


Full disclosure, I was having a nostalgic moment. My own Atlanta adventures were backed up by the angst ridden soundtrack of their second self titled album in the early 90’s. By the looks of the crowd many were strolling down memory lane with me. The real question is could the Girls live up to the sound that echoed out of our cassette players so many years ago.


Yes! One Hundred and Fifty percent yes. Some voices get old; some voices can’t quite strike the notes of old. Amy and Emily were as strong and striking as ever. With just one back up violin? Viola? (Clearly I am not a string instrument aficionado) and one dude changing out (mostly) guitars for the Girls every single song-it was almost like part of a private (middle aged) club. Years slipped away and actual musical magic saturated the room.


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