Everything Is Just Enough


Dom Kelly’s vulnerability is evident. Listen to his music, read his site, see him live. You can’t help but be touched by this 26 year old singer/songwriter.

As his site will tell you he was born a triplet with Cerebral Palsy. One of his brothers passed away before he was even 6 years old. His beloved grandfather passed last year and his 50 year old mother is currently in hospice.

This is all enough to make anyone want to hole up and hide away, but not Dom. Talking, writing and singing about his life is cathartic for him. A trait instilled in him from a very strong family. The young brothers used to speak to schools about children with disabilities. When they lost one brother he was always kept alive in memory and words. Said mother actually sent him out on tour with the Indigo Girls while cancer is claiming her life.

Dom has been a performer most of his life. He says his voice is his primary instrument but he also plays drums and uses the piano to write as well as perform. He and his brothers formed a band in 2003 (whose 6th studio album is in progress) called A Fragile Tomorrow. The band has added a member and is still very much a primary focus for it’s members.

For years Kelly wanted to make a solo album, the only thing stopping him was fear. He gathered his strength and his friends to make his dream come true. The album features guest vocalists including Amy Saliers, Chris Trapper, and Sarah Bettens. Everything Is Just Enough was released on April 7th and sales are going strong.

In an interesting departure from most men his age, Kelly is influenced by 80’s and 90’s folk music. Which led to he and his identical brother to meeting the Indigo Girls, and later going on to perform with them (at the tender age of 17).

Amy and Emily are sited as huge inspirations in his path of activism as well. Ending his Pittsburgh opener with a song about Donald Trump this singer does not shy away from making his beliefs known. While raised to stay away from a political voice Kelly realized his art is his platform and one he will not back down from.

Over the course of the next few years Dom Kelly sees himself continuing to play with his band and perhaps doing another solo album. He has also started a label and wants to go further into producing and engineering. After getting a Bachelors in Music Production and a Masters in Journalism the desire to learn and help others is still strong. If he went to med school he wouldn’t have time for music so he is continuing his education even further by getting a degree in some sort of musical therapy. A cause that has seemed to help the man himself.

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