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Stream: No One Mind – “Tiger”
“perfect and haunting” – Impose

After the abrupt and acrimonious dissolution of their previous musical partnership, Ellis Anderson, Noah Dehmer and Missy Thangs (The Love LanguageBirds of Avalon) set out to make a record that could give voice to their feelings of betrayal. The album they created, No One Mind, addresses both the accuser and the accused, perspectives sometimes shifting within a single phrase. The project, defined by the record, took the name as well.

No One Mind has now grown into a formidable live ensemble, adding Sam Logan and Joel Willis (Dehmer remains a writing partner). Together they fuse traditional rock and pop song structures with alien chordal forms and odd textures, calling the listener to flutter moth-like into the white light of their sound. NoOne Mind has big plans for 2016, including a 7″ limited single released in June and the full-length LP coming in September (both on Third Uncle Records), a magical video debut by director Zoe Dehmer, and a number of shows to follow. The band is ready to tour, everywhere.

Watch: No One Mind – “Tiger”
 The tune is hazy and dark, which is perfectly encapsulated in the video. – PureVolume

Artist: No One Mind
Album: No One Mind
Label: Third Uncle Records
Release date: September 9, 2016Website

1. Folk Wagon
2. Tiger
3. In The Valley
4. Revenge
5. I Don’t Know Who You Are
6. Big Talking Man
7. Grey Days
8. Bad Attitude
9. Island Of Hours

“…this arty, inventive, rocking trio from North Carolina brings to mindelements of The Velvet Underground and, via them, the more straight-ahead moments of Stereolab and Broadcast to come up with something that is oddly and engagingly unique and, occasionally, downright intense.”
– The Big Takeover”they’re set to take over the universe with the upcoming release of their full-length LP.” – Impose

No One Mind reminds me that a chunky bassline can REALLY make my shorts moist.” – SYFFAL

“The music is lean and sinewy, slashing guitars and rocketing drums giving the album potency and force.” – Bandcamp