Mother Falcon To Release Radiohead’s “OK Computer” live

Watch Mother Falcon’s version of “Let Down” live on YouTube

“…a group that can juggle more than a dozen discrete components while still crafting impeccable, surprisingly airy three-minute pop songs.” – NPR

The band’s intricate orchestral arrangements segue with ease from passage to passage, and often, not to the place you might expect.”

The buzz that sets in at the beginning of Radiohead’s “Airbag” – in the original version a serrating guitar riff, amplified by Mother Falcon’s string section – comes on like a swarm of ferocious bees. If you’ve had the pleasure to see this Austin’s indie rock ensemble’s live rendition, know exactly what that means and what vigorous, hauntingly complex story is about to unfold. The band’s uniquely intense interpretations of Radiohead has become a legendary part of experiencing Mother Falcon live. So it is with great pleasure that the band prepares to release their live adaptation of OK Computer for the world to enjoy.

The young group, comprised of a rotating ensemble of 15 to 20 musicians, boasts three cellos, six violins, horns a plenty, several pianos, a bassoon and a glockenspiel – which created a huge buzz during SXSW 2013 and received praise from NPRUSA Today,NYLONPaste, and more for their latest album You Knew. Relentless touring throughout 2013 garnered additional press accolades; along the way Mother Falcon collaborated with a wide range of artists, including Amanda Palmer, Alejandro Escovedo, Jherek Boschoff, Ben Sollee and Tony Trishka.

This new recording accentuates how beautifully Mother Falcon thrives in their live performances. “We’d never really performed many covers in the past, and so this was our first serious engagement with the work of other artists”, says Maurice Chammah of the band. “At our summer camp, we had taught students how to cover songs, but we’d never done it as Mother Falcon. By facing the challenge of translating music that’s heavy on electronics and guitar solos into our orchestral palette, we gained a lot of self-reflection about how we construct our own music. Some of our renditions sound pretty similar to the original tracks, but in some cases, like on the songs ‘Let Down’ and ‘The Tourist,’ we tried to extract the essential elements of the music and reinvent them into something distinctly our own.” These performances have not only won over audiences across the US, but they were also cited as one of Bob Boilen’s “15 Essential Moments From SXSW 2013” and Stephen Thompson’s “favorite young band of the festival’s opening night.”

With their release of Radiohead’s OK Computer on March 18, Mother Falcon takes another ambitious step forward.

Don’t miss Mother Falcon in Austin in March and on Tour now! 
02/18 San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar
02/19 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo
02/25 San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar
02/26 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo
02/27 San Francisco, CA @ The Chapel for Noisepop 2014
02/28 Davis, CA @ Veteran’s Memorial
01/03 Fresno, CA @ Audies Olympic

SXSW Dates:

3/10, 11 pm Austin, TX @ Spider House Patio, “That Little Party”
3/12, 5.30 pm Austin, TX @ Spider House Ballroom, “UNITY Party”
3/13, 11.30 pm Austin, TX @ Central Presbyterian Church, “Red Ryder Official Showcase”
3/15, 3 pm Austin, TX @ Peckerheads on 6th St, “The Duture of Pop Music”
3/15, 5.30 pm Austin, TX @ Austin Convention Center, “Brooklyn Vegan Presents Flatstock”