“Foreign Affair” from Kodac aka M80

Foreign Affair” is a concept project that came about from the interaction with overseas producers/ artist/ DJ’s/ graphic designers. This was spawned from the promotions of Kodac aka M80’s most recent album, “Blessed By A Broken Heart” (The Experience). With his hands on involvement in sales and promotions, Kodac and his team were able to track the sales of the album and noticed a trend with overseas sales. Amazingly the music that Kodac creates, has a worldwide appeal that is embraced by many cultures. Not even the language barrier has stopped the impact of his music with people abroad. Kodac says “the cats overseas seem to have a grasp on what the Hip Hop culture was made for. Regardless of where you are at in the world, those are the types of people that I want to build with.”

The album features producers from Germany, France, Lithuania, Belgium, Poland, and Spain, with four different languages being represented. It also features artist from the USA,
OneBeLo (of Binary Star), Blue Raspberry (Wu-Tang), Fat Ray,
Bronze Nazareth (Wu-Tang), and artists from Tanzania, Ghana, France, Liberia, Egypt, and Uganda. The fusion of the music and the collection of features bring together an authentic sound that is genuine with out duplication. This is the result of an unexpected relationship that was formed, despite other pending obligations, resulting in a musical “Foreign Affair” between artists, producers, DJ’s and collaborators.

Kodac aka M80 is fresh off of a 20 city tour with the Harlem Globetrotters as the on court Emcee. Being on the road daily, and Emceeing in front of thousands has prepared him for anything and everything ahead. Having the overseas market in full view, this album is another example of how Hip Hop music, when used correctly, can bring all types of people together. Plans to tour Europe, Asia, the continent of Africa, and more using the music as the tool of interaction are being put together by G.F.G. Entertainment and sponsors. The “We ALL Have A GIFT” slogan is statement embraced globally, and understood by others who live their lives purposed filled.”

Now booking for the “Foreign Affair” Tour, Europe (3/2-3/18) and Africa (TBA) Kodac aka M80 will be available for features, shows, speaking engagements, interviews, hosting, videos, TV and Radio specials, and more. We look forward to building with the people who helped make this album

About Kodac aka M80

From DOPE BEATS to INSIGHTFUL PASSIONATE LYRICS to a INTERACTIVE LIVE SHOW, KODAC AKA M80 is true to the soul of the music. Touring with the Harlem Globetrotters as on court emcee in over 20 cities in the U.S.A. , has prepared him to take the next step.
An original member of the Subterraneous Crew, his first solo album “UnClassified”, let the world know, that as an artist, he is going to explore his creativity with the GIFT of music. Next he gave the world an EP and a full album to “Blessed By A Broken Heart” (The Experience). The album goes into the life of the independent artist, the failure, the success, the love, the pain, but overall, the Blessing, of being broken down by the situations we are involved in not going our way. With the situations only making him stronger, and more creative, Kodac has taken his success/struggles and turned them into a time capsule collection of art and music. His latest album brings people together in the name of Hip Hop and Love. “Foreign Affair” is an International Collaboration project that brings producers and artists together from all around the world. Currently working on an EP series, he found himself spending time writing and recording the songs from these “foreign” producers, as if he were having an “affair” with this other project that continued to grab his attention. The end result is a musical display of Hip Hop, as perceived by those worldwide, properly entitled “Foreign Affair.”

Kodac aka M80 has performed at CMJ, SXSW, A3C, DEMF, the Madison Hip Hop Conference and opened for some the Hip Hop’s up and coming, as well as elite’s. He has also performed in over 25 states nation wide, and is in the process of booking an overseas tour in promotion of, “Foreign Affair.”

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