The Mighty D-Risha, “Gauntlet” prod. Purple Bastard | feat. Hollywood Floss

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Reaching Higher PR presents Houston hip-hop artist The Mighty D-Risha‘s latest album, “Gauntlet“. The project features all-original production from the likes of Purple Bastard, Peace Of MInd, Jett I Masstyr and Dirt McGirt with guest verses from fellow Houstonians Hollywood Floss, George Young, and EDF.

D-Risha’s “Gauntlet” album is not only about “running the gauntlet” of daily trials and tribulations both personally and within the music scene, but is also a sly nod to the Infinity Gauntlet, an object of ultimate power within the world of Marvel Comics. Like the diverse array of Infinity Gems that give the fictional Gauntlet it’s power, D-Risha has collected on this album a wide variety of styles and sounds which he wields with power to overcome all obstacles musical or otherwise.

Hailing from Houston’s legendary north-side, D-Risha began his career in 1998 freestyling at school yards, house parties, and local talent shows. After several years of grinding, he eventually connected with local rap luminaries Purple Bastard and Hash Brown, who put him in their showcases. D-Risha has now opened for hip-hop acts such as RaekwonAction Bronson and SeanPrice. His follow-up collab with producer Purple Bastard “The 6 Demon Bag” EP is due in 2014, and already has been named one of the 10 Most Anticipated Rap Tapes Of The Year by The Houston Press.