SPRIALARMS Welcome Drummer Andy Galeon

East Bay Heavy Rockers SpiralArms have announced that drummer Andy Galeon (Death Angel) to the fold.  Andy made his live debut with the band  Saturday night February 8th in San Francisco, CA at the Milk Bar.  Guitarist Craig Locicero released the following statement on Andy joining the band:


After much deliberation and our European tour, we’ve decided it is time to part ways with our good friend and Brother Ron Redeen. This was not an easy decision, but it came down to health and personal reasons that Ron must deal with on his own terms. Make no mistake about it this was difficult. Ron is a fantastic drummer and a wonderful person who deserves much credit and respect for his playing. We wish him nothing but the best for his future and we love him dearly.


Now to the present…Andy Galeon, formerly of Death Angel, is “the New Guy!” When Andy and I got together to play the Robb Flynn and Friends benefit last month, we just clicked. Everything we played together had something special going within our chemistry. This was totally unexpected by both of us and the only times previous to that I’d actually played music with Andy was on old Sabbath songs decades ago. That being said, we’ve been friends for about 25 years and toured our asses off together in 1990 in Europe and the States. Back then we were the two youngest kids on the bus! There is a history and pedigree that makes sense. 


When Tim, Cornbread and Brad watched Andy and I play at the benefit, it all became clear. He IS our guy that will help us continue to grow into the heavy rock force we set out to be. Our first full practice was tonight and we all got chills at how much we jelled with the power and groove Andy brings to the table. Andy’s been playing drums his entire life and pretty much grew up in rock and metal school. Honestly, I’m so happy to have Andy in a situation were he can get back out there and show his skills in our music. We all complement each other with an ease that’s difficult to come by. It’s about time he steps back into the international ring, so to speak.


Now it’s out of the frying pan and into the fire! Two rehearsals and we’re playing our first show Saturday night in San Francisco! That’s what Professionals do and Andy is a Pro!


New drummer Andy Galeon added:


W’sup Friends & Fans alike,


In the recent years I’ve recorded and performed with many cool and different projects in the Bay Area. Bands like End the Suffering, The Nerv, Hadi Droubi, Fos Rock, & Yeibichai. But I’m really stoked to inform you that I just joined SpiralArms. They’re a gritty band with high levels of musicianship and songwriting skills.


I’ve known Craig since the early Forbidden Evil days and have known Tim since the Tyrannicide/Systematic days. Our paths re-crossed for the Black Sabbath Tribute gig with Robb Flynn & Friends. 


We jammed and I’m proud to say things naturally progressed into me joining this Musically diverse, organically heavy soulful group calledSpiralArms!


I’m Ecstatic to be apart of these Heavy grooves. Thanks for the support and hope to see you soon!

SpiralArms released their critically acclaimed second album Freedom this past October on SPV/Steamhammer.  The album can be ordered on Amazonand iTunes.


A video for the song “Drugs and Alcohol” which was directed by Mike Sloat (Testament, Machine Head), can be streamed HERE.


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