Chimaira, iwrestledabearonce, Oceano, Fit For An Autopsy, and Reflections Show How It’s Done at Altar Bar Pittsburgh

What could be said to be one of the best hardcore line-ups on tour currently, Chimaira stacked the deck  last Wednesday night at Altar Bar Pittsburgh.  With well known and diverse talents such as iwrestledabearonce, Oceano, Fit For An Autopsy, and Reflections the place was packed to the rafters and supported a pretty intense mosh pit as well.  Check ou the reviews of each band and the pictures that follow…all photos © 2014 AWeldingphoto and Pittsburgh Music Magazine.

Vocalist Mark Hunter of Chimaira may be the only original member, but don’t let that deter your listening pleasure.  On tour supporting, Crown of Phantoms, these guys are firing on all cylinders.  New guitarist Matt Szlachta and not exactly new to the band but new to lead guitar, Emil Werstler played with fire and passion and the crowd certainly did not seem to mind the changes.  It was great to have them back in Pittsburgh, it seems we always have to travel to their hometown of Cleveland to catch them.  Hopefully they will come by the ‘Burg more often.

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iwrestledabearonce showed why they have become a fan favorite early on in the evening.  Courtney LaPlante has a voice that a ton of hardcore vocalists would kill for, but it’s her sense of humor and stage presence that will win you over as well.  In support of their 2013 release Late For Nothing, IWABO have the ability to present some cross genre material along with a light-hearted attitude without ever giving up the hard edge of the music.  LaPlante has done a helluva job replacing Krysta Cameron  who had become pregnant, went on hiatus, and then was permanently replaced.

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Hailing from Chicago, and supporting their third full-length album, Incisions, Oceano was brutal and spot on.  With vocals reminiscent of Whitechapel and ear bleeding metalcore/death metal, these angry young dudes bring it and bring it hard.  We here at PMM expect and predict huge things for this band and won’t be surprised if they are headlining some stages in a few years.  Yes, they are that sick.

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Reflections debut (second record) on eOne and Good Fight came out in 2013, making them relative newcomers.  But, these guys are amazing musicians and have great chops and produce some pyrotechnics on guitar.  They are definitely heavy, a bit djent, a bit metalcore and deathcore, and maybe even progressive metal, Reflections have a long future ahead of them.  These guys will definitely be around again and you definitely don’t want to miss them because they are making some awesome sounds.

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