Big Fee – Vader Mean ft. Brown Bomber 313 & Stereo Boyz | Video

Sith in the Streets; The New Big 3 of Detroit. Big Fee, Stereo Boyz and Tha Brown Bomber 313 have joined forces and destroying Al-deron places at the right time, in this new track off Big Fee’s upcoming 2nd album “&ONE Full Metal Emcee”

An artist that has always taken pride in his Southwest Detroit neighborhood, William (Big Fee) Feeley avoided becoming just another statistic by finding his way out of a troublesome street life when he began experimenting with Hip Hop music back in 2002 when he released his first project called “Spazmatic Recess.” Continuously evolving and making a conscious effort to learn different music genres, Big Fee has firmly staked his claim as a clever lyricist and exceptional producer throughout his ten year span on the Michigan music scene.

His newly finished project, respectfully titled ‘23’ (insert Jordan reference here,) is a non-stop ride of 18 tracks appropriately themed and organized to give the listener a concept album that’s just as fun as it is deep and meaningful. Fee has done the production on 17 of the 18 tracks himself, which is a skillful display of hard-hitting bangers spiced up with plenty of ear candy and a meticulous detail that doesn’t sound “over-produced.”

Music lovers and hip hop heads are already comfortable seeing this name around the Detroit scene and are looking forward to seeing Fee’s presence nationally as well. With plans to step on the other side of the microphone and be an asset solely as a producer, Big Fee states “There are some plans in the works I’m not really at liberty to talk about yet. But, I’ve been linking up with a lot of top-tier artists from around my way and sitting through a lot of creative studio sessions, so all I’m gonna say is there’s a lot more than talk goin’ on.”

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