Fresh off the success of her premier single, pop singer/songwriter Lauren Winans released her second single, “Better At Breaking,” Jan. 21. The song is Lauren’s first ballad, released off of her forthcoming EP.  Check it out here:

Written by Lauren, her producer Steffon Hamulak (Steel Magnolia), and Emily Shackleton James (whose songs have been featured on the hit series, Nashville), “Better At Breaking” is a departure from the energetic and girl-power attitude Lauren is known for. “I wanted to express my softer side with this song and show that I’m vulnerable, too,” Lauren said.
“Better At Breaking” tells the lovelorn story of a woman known to be a heartbreaker herself when the tables are turned, and her boyfriend leaves her crying. Lauren’s powerful voice expresses the gut-wrenching emotion caused by heartbreak and the powerlessness that follows.
Featuring a strong keyboard presence, Lauren traveled to Los Angeles for Season 5 The Voice finalist Will Champlin to play keys on the song. “What a great experience to have Will lend his amazing talent to the recording,” Lauren exclaimed. “It was great to see him get noticed on The Voice because he is such an incredible talent!” “Better at Breaking,” available on iTunes and Amazon, is the follow-up to Lauren’s fun and flirty hit
“You’re Gonna Luv It.” That song placed in the Top 40 of iTunes New Releases, and the video gleaned fan attention with more than 50,000 views in its first month.

Lauren Winans moved to Nashville in 2010 to pursue her dream of pop stardom. Since then, she has had the opportunity to work with some of the best in the industry to make her dreams come true. A lover of all things girly, Lauren has garnered the attention of several organizations in the beauty and fashion industry who have become sponsors, namely, Lavish Lashes, Donna Bella Hair, Hot Spot Tanning/Norvell Sunless, Lash Lady of Franklin, Image Skincare and Gypsy 05. SeneGence/LipSense International chose Lauren to create her own custom lip color, which she donned “Luv It” after her first pop release.
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