“Serpent & The Rainbow” [NEW MUSIC VIDEO] Gel Roc & Self Jupiter

Directed by Jerome Davis (Sideways Burnouts/Lord of the Fly Films)

We are starting off 2014 with the official music video release for “Serpent & The Rainbow” featuring Self Jupiter of the mighty Freestyle Fellowship. “Serpent & The Rainbow” is an exclusive track (available on vinyl only) from the Gel Roc “Beautiful Tragedy” LP.

Take two and pass to this audio & visual masterpiece as beat-smith, Xzcircles, drops the perfect vibe to set the stage for this elaborate story from Gel & Jupiter. During the first half of the song, both emcees take turns narrating the world from a conspiratorial view while director, Jerome Davis, executes a similar depiction.

Jupiter’s first verse goes into a 1st person character who’s enjoying the spoils of his life that he has reaped. A prominent figure of sorts describing the powers that be and the company he keeps. The chorus, “Defrost the eye and spy on the serpent” (sampled from3rd Bass’ “Derelicts of Dialect”), suggests to avoid becoming the victim. For the second half of the song, Jupiter continues to narrate, weighing the pros & cons between power and poverty. This segue’s to Gel’s closing verse. Playing off the same prominent figure, Gel entrenches himself in his character and discovers that he has sacrificed his soul and lost his moral compass to achieve his position yet has no choice but to accept his fate.

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Gel Roc / Self Jupiter “Serpent & The Rainbow” – Director: Jerome Davis

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