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Review & Pictorial: In This Moment Brings Hellpop II to Pittsburgh

Powerful.  Sexy.  Passionate.  The voice of an angel and a banshee.  She’s quite the combination.  Maria Brink, front woman of In This Moment, commanded all eyes and ears front and center during their performance at Club Zoo Pittsburgh on January 15, 2014.  Having the ability to see ITM at a club setting rather than a large festival made all the difference in the world visually.  Not that ITM wasn’t fantastic last time I witnessed their performance at Uproar in Pittsburgh, or when we caught them at Carnival of Madness.  It’s just that there is a whole different aspect to being that intimate and having the effect of lighting, dry ice, and sound hit that creates an ambiance beyond what outdoor offerings provide.

With a stage show that is complete with frequent costume changes, minor stage re-arrangements, multiple FX, and generous theatrics, In This Moment give their fans a ton of bang for their buck.  Even when they don’t perform they are generous.  For a few dates before Pittsburgh and Detroit, Maria was ill with strep throat and could not perform.  Instead of cancelling the shows, Butcher Babies, All Hail the Yeti, and Devour The Day put on free shows and In This Moment are going back to put on make up shows for free.  That’s crazy generous,  and smart…take note young bands, this is how it’s done.

Maria and co-founder guitarist Chris Howorth have been doing this for some time and have made very precise decisions to do things properly, which is why fans and musicians love them equally.  They are just good people.  Talk to any of the bands that have been on tour with them and they can’t say enough good things.  Talk to their fans about the interactions in person and via the social networks and it’s just…gushing.  This is so refreshing to hear in a business full of egos and many backstage stories (that we as press are often privy to but can’t print) that you can’t help but be a fan of what Maria and her band are doing as musicians and to empower women.

Although Club Zoo definitely has it’s ;imitations as a venue (i.e. soundsystem and plenty of blind spots), it did have the ability to let more fans see the show than say Altar Bar.  Maria and the band stayed after the show to meet with the fans as well.  On a special not: whoever does sound for ITM deserves a medal, because he worked miracles after what the opening bands dealt with (and what we saw Whitechapel go through last year at Club Zoo).  If you have never seen In This Moment in concert, it certainly is a treat for the eyes and ears, and if you can be sure to catch them on the Hellpop II Tour for an amazing package of entertainment.

Highlights: “Rise With Me”, “Closer”, “Whore”, “Blood” (setlist below pix)

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